Some random words in Ancient Egyptian


1. Hetep or Hotep = Peace. Also used as part of the greeting: “Em hotep,” meaning: “In peace,” along with its variations: “Em hotep nefer,” (“In great peace,”) and “Em hotep nefer weret,” (“In very great peace,”).

2. Ankh = Life. Used as part of the phrase: “Ankh, udja, seneb!” meaning: “Life, strength, and health!” Which was a blessing.

3. Senebty = Farewell

4. Iiti = Hello

5. Yeh! = Hi!

6. Iiwy = Welcome

7. Imi-ib = Heart’s desire. Equivalent to: “Beloved,” or “darling.”

8. Nedjeb = Sweetie (as in “dear” not candy)

9. Mewet = Mother

10. It = Father

11. Sa = Son

12. Sat = Daughter

13. Senet = Sister

14. Sen = Brother (Note: In addition to referring to your actual brother as this, you would also address someone around the same age as you as “brother” or “sister.” So when you see Egyptian love poems addressing people as “brother” and “sister” it’s not meant to be incestuous.)

15.  Neb=  Lord. Also, Neb-i = My lord

16. Nebet = Lady. Also, Nebet-i = My lady

17. Heka = Magic

18. Ib or Ab = Heart

19. Nefer = Beautiful, or great, depending on the context

20. Dua Netjer en ek! = Thank you! Or, literally: Thank God for you! If speaking to a woman, it’s: Dua Nejter en etj!

21. Kemet = Egypt, or “Black Land.” Sometimes spelled: Khemet

22. Hem =  Husband

23. Hemet = Wife

24. Itja = Thief

25. Nefer sedjmek = May you hear only good things. This was a common way to end letters. If addressing a woman its: “Nefer sedjmetj

26. Tjatey = Vizier

27. Per Ankh = House of Life. A type of sacred library that could be found in various temples and was run by priests and used by them and the nobility.

28. Khered = Child

29. Izi nek djesek! = Go f*** yourself! (note: they probably didn’t actually say this, but this is sort of how you would say it if the did. Likewise with the next word.)

30. Henen-tep! = D***head!

31. Ii = Come

32. A’nen! = Come back!

33. Khefttey = Enemy

34. Khenmes = Male friend

35. Khenemset = Female friend

36. Merwet = Love (noun)

37. Meri = Love (verb)

38. Maa = True

39. Tjen? = Where?

40. Duat = The Land of the Dead. Neter-Khertet was also used.

41. Mau = Cat. Also Miu = Kitten

42. Khet = Fire

43. Sesen = Lotus flower. A symbol of the sun, creation and rebirth. The Egyptians believed that the sun rose of out of a giant lotus on the first day.

44. Seba = Star

45. Sma = Owl

46. Im = There

47. Nefer uy phuy ky! (or Nefer phwy ky)=How beautiful are thy buttocks! (No, really. Set said this to Horus in one of the stories about the gods.)

48. Maat = Divine truth

(PS: If any of these are inaccurate, I apologize.)